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About 247 JC Loans

Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Ovals

Since its founding 247JC Loans Is the where you go to find the money you need to finance real estate investments (your deals). Because we are connected to a group of private lenders we can fund any size project and beat all others prices.

Loans from Ten Thousand Dollars to Ten Million Dollars.

No deal is too small nor too big. If you have a good deal we will fund it. Look to us first.

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Real Estate Investors

Reinvest and watch your money grow

Just a Phone Call Away

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How It Works?

It is very simple, have a deal under contract

Contact us

Call (866) 247-5256

Fill out the paperwork

Answering all the questions

We review it

Submit it

If it meets our standards

We Fund It!


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Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit

No Issue

Loans are Asset-based

Loans are issued at 70%

of the After Repair Value

or ARV

There are times when

a loan can cover 100%

of the cost to purchase

as well as the cost to fix up the property

Call to find out how we can help you fund

your next deal

Finance Your Real Estate Investments

(866) 247-5256

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Need Money To Close? ​“Today”

Private Money Brokers

  • We help real estate investors looking for the money they need

to buy fix and flip, or fix and hold. Fast approvals so that you

don't lose the deal.

  • Landlords need money to upgrade or invest? Refinance your

your existing property.

  • Loans are asset-based so credit score doesn't matter.
  • There are Millions of Dollars to lend

(866) 247-5256